The swords are drawn, but not any swords - Liquid Swords

In fact, every year since our conception, will be The Year of The Liquid Swords. Since we announced the studio in December of 2020, we have established the studio, adapted, and evolved. That is exactly what LIQUID stands for in our world.

We have hired a great team of 25 super-developers, that have joined us on this mission to create something different; not only in terms of what game we make, but also in terms of how we build this studio. We are building a team that will peak between 80-100 people, allowing our creatives to be creative, allowing us to be efficient and fast-moving and stay personal.

2022 is a pivotal year for Liquid Swords as we continue our journey into the fun world of making a great game without distractions from the nonsense that clouds creativity.

We stand at the cusp of greatness, and the swords are drawn, but not any swords - Liquid Swords.