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Our Motto

Zero-nonsense Video game Development

“Game development has become so full of distractions that affect quality and motivation. I want to change that.”

– Christofer Sundberg, Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Our Story

Creativity unleashed

When the rest of the world was grinding to a halt in 2020, Christofer Sundberg was gearing up. Having co-founded and managed Avalanche Studios for more than a decade, he had experienced the entire life cycle of a video game several times over. He watched as an abstract idea grew into a studio and then a game. And another game. And an even bigger studio. Everything was growing and getting louder, drowning out the craft. Meaningless buzzwords. Insatiable stakeholders. Over-complicated processes.

Instead of turning his back on an industry that had been close to his heart for so many years, Christofer rallied. “Gör om, gör rätt”, as they say in Swedish. Do it again, do it right. Do it in the way we used to, when game development was still fun and creative. This is how Liquid Swords was born.

Our kitchen is deliberately small to ensure that we have just the right amount of cooks – and the best ones. Studio members work closely in tandem, taking advantage of both veteran experience and fresh eyes. Together, we’re setting a new standard for game development. One that prioritizes creativity over crunch, inclusion over silos, and quality over quantity. This is our world, and these are our terms.

Your Future

work with us

We’ve gotten rid of crunch, useless meetings, and unnecessary stakeholders. Basically, all the nonsense. But maybe what we’re missing is you. Take a look at our open positions and send in your application if you want to join the armory.