2023 at Liquid Swords

What to expect

In December 2022, we turned two, and even if our founder and CCO, Christofer Sundberg, admits, “I didn’t actually do that much for the first six months,” we’re still extremely proud of our growing team’s achievements in this short time. In our recent end-of-year roundup, we talked about our highlights from 2022, but the question remains: what can you expect from Liquid Swords this year?

More talent, more experts, more swords!

Making an amazing game means having more amazing people, and a major goal for 2023 will be to reach our target of a 100-strong studio. We’re thrilled with the team of expert talent we’ve already put together from big names including Avalanche Studios, DICE, Mojang Studios, Rockstar Games, Starbreeze Studios, and Ubisoft. Everyone here has played their own role in building the foundations of our studio and first game. This is no brag but rather it speaks to the sincerity behind Christofer’s original vision and how this is shared by everyone at Liquid Swords.

Growing the studio will ensure we have the right teams, the right mix of talent, and the right skills to move beyond pre-production. However, we already know that we won’t be able to realize our huge ambitions without additional support, so we’ll also be increasing our partnerships with external studios for specific projects and parts of our development process.

Moving out and up

OK. We’re actually moving down, vertically speaking. A challenge of scaling a studio to size in two to three years is physical space. Back in the summer of 2021, we moved into our current home on the tenth floor of our Stockholm office building. However, by early 2022 we were outgrowing the space and took over the seventh floor of the same building as a temporary fix. Right now, we’re still split between the seventh and tenth floors, whilst this is certainly great cardio for those who choose to take the stairs, it’s less optimal for meaningful collaboration between our teams.

Our solution: move (but not too far). Our newly renovated, single-floor, 100-capacity office, is right across the street – and only very slightly behind schedule. Perhaps one tiny downside; we’ll lose our stunning views, but the prospect of all being together, in a space suitable for AAA game development, is a very exciting one!

We’ll keep on sharing

We’ve promised our future players that we won’t mislead, over-promise or under-deliver, so it’s important we don’t make concrete promises we might later have to backtrack on. But we can promise we’ll continue to be active in all the places you’d expect us to be. We’ll talk about the topics you’d expect us to talk about. We’ll show off, tease, and reveal as much as we’re able to without compromising Game1’s development or the health and great work of our teams. We’ll also continue to answer your questions (as far as we’re able to), ensuring we bring you along our development journey.

It’s been quite a ride since those early days in 2020, thanks for sticking with us, and here’s to all the fun and opportunity that 2023 has to offer. Skål!

– The Liquid Swords Team