World Bicycle Day

Bike Drop (just not in the canals, please)

World Bike Day sounds fun, let’s hear more.

Perhaps we should start with, when? Last Saturday, June 3, was World Bike Day. Its significance is best summed up by the UN, which acknowledges the bicycle to as a, ‘simple, affordable, reliable, clean, and environmentally fit sustainable means of transportation, fostering environmental stewardship and health.’ The World Health Organization adds, ‘safe infrastructure for walking and cycling is also a pathway for achieving greater health equity.’

This is what World Bicycle Day means to Liquid Swords

Our studio already has both casual and committed cyclists, and this is the perfect opportunity to celebrate and continuously raise awareness with some penny-farthing facts, bicycle benefits, and tandem top tips.

Get in lane, here come some cycling facts

With over an estimated one-billion bikes in the world, it’s hard to argue that cycling doesn’t matter (we certainly think it does). Cycling is not only good for the environment, displacing over 238 million gallons of fuel each year for every trip made by bike instead of a car, but it’s a simple and relatively cost-effective way to improve your health. Regular cycling can increase your life expectancy, fitness age, and reduce the likelihood of getting ill and taking time off work.

Bicycles lined up along the left side of a bicycle garage

When it comes to superb cycling cities around the world, Copenhagen takes the krone. The relatively flat Danish capital boasts more bikes on its streets than cars. Nine out of ten of its citizens own a bike. Journeys by bike accounted for 49% of all journeys in 2019 – completely out-pedaling every other European capital, with Amsterdam and Berlin coming in second and third place at 35% and 13%.

Where does Stockholm rank with cycle-friendly cities?

Stegt flæsk versus köttbullar? In this round of Scandinavian sibling rivalry, we lose out to our Danish cousins. Although bicycle journeys account for only 9% of all travel here in Stockholm, this is still the 8th highest of all European capital cities. A number that’s not too shabby for a city usually covered by snow and ice for up to a third of the year. Hard statistics aside, Stockholm is undoubtedly a beautiful place to explore on two wheels, with its abundance of purpose-built and car-free routes to safely traverse for work, fitness, or leisure.

Our top 3 beautiful bike routes in Stockholm

Who better to ask than our resident helmet heads? We jumped on Slack and asked this very question and they gave us three top picks for cycling in and around the city. Nackareservatet (Nacka Nature Reserve), just a 4.5km (or 15-minute) bike ride, from our office, was naturally a favorite among our team. The area sits in both Stockholm and the neighboring municipality of Nacka. It boasts roosting nightingales and ancient oak trees worthy of the best Karin Boye poem.

A photo by Thorben Mielke of people sitting and facing on body of water viewing high-rise buildings under white and blue sky

Photo by Thorben Mielke (

For those wanting a little more of an urban vibe, the northern side of Stockholm’s famously trendy Södermalm is fully lined with cycle lanes. Sightseers can start their journey in the serene park island of Långholmen, then enjoy an open-water ride with unbeatable views of the Nobel-hosting Stadshuset before cutting quickly across the water to the medieval streets of Gamla Stan.

For the more regal-minded, how about Djurgården? The city’s ancient royal hunting ground and the world’s first urban national park offers the perfect mix of tranquil greenery and breathtaking views from its extremity of the world-famous archipelago and the Baltic Sea beyond.

Why you can (and should!) cycle to the Liquid Swords HQ

Our studio of seventy (and still growing, check out all our current vacancies) has something of a cycling core, with a number of us swords enjoying cycling as our preferred mode of transport during these warmer months – and a crazier few choosing this as their only means of transport regardless of the date, temperature, or snow cover! Our studio has a first-rate cycle storage facility with secure access, excellent shower and changing facilities, and bike cleaning and basic maintenance services available to all.

Hanging tools used to fix bicycles

Whether cycling is a passion, a daily commute, or just something you love to do with your nearest and dearest, World Bicycle Day is a simple reminder of the small steps we can all take to improve our health and environment and to take time to enjoy the beauty and sites of where we live. This leaves us with only one question: will there be bicycles in #Game1? While you go and plan your next cycle route in Stockholm, we’ll go and pester our developers with this question…