Who are
Liquid Swords?

Neon sign “Liquid Swords” on a brick wall.

Straight Talking Game Development

Avalanche Studios founder and former CCO Christofer Sundberg founded Liquid Swords with the mission to lead a super-studio focused on open world experiences for the mature player.

“As I started Liquid Swords, my vision for the studio is to offer something different; both to the studio and industry, and to our players. Game development has become so full of distractions that it has affected quality and motivation. This is what I would like to change.

I am creating a development studio where the environment is free from distractions and unhealthy outside influence. We scrap buzzwords and strip down our approach to game development to focus just on that. Game development is already complicated and somewhere in time the fun-factor of creating games was lost. We are a return to more simple times of game development - to when it was fun and creative.”

We believe in the creativity of every individual and diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of our studio. Beliefs, culture, religion, gender, sexuality, marital status and age are identities we respect at Liquid Swords. We are diverse in our background and united in our mission.

Liquid Swords is a privately held company located in Sickla, Stockholm.